Guiding Disruptive


Prominent Multi-Country and Subject Matter Experts

Wisdom, Insight and Mojo is an international insight and foresight consultancy which utilizes prominent industry talent to lead and personally conduct particular initiatives. These specialists are selected based solely upon their proven ability to deliver wisdom, contextual insight, and mojo, and to guide disruptive decision-making, specific to each business opportunity and associated market requirements.

Depending upon circumstances, the lead consultant of a specific undertaking might reside in Singapore, the UK, China, Italy, the US, or elsewhere.  Project teams consist of local, in-market experts, with distinct credentials in marketing, branding, advertising, and other spheres of influence, across a wide breadth of industries.  

There is no replacement for deep, native expertise!

Wisdom, Insight and Mojo consultants specialize at seamless multi-country study coordination and execution, operating wherever/whenever products or services are utilized. In facilities or central locations, in homes, in stores, on the street, in cafes/bars, in restaurants, in vehicles, online, via tablet or smartphone.

Anywhere, at any time.

The right person, possessing the right skill-set, knowledge, and experience will be completely responsible for the entire endeavor...locally, globally, or in combination!