Guiding Disruptive


Getting To Insight - How We Do It -

Multiple modes for collecting data such as in-person, telephone, mobile, and other advanced technologies are often included in research designs.  In-person might take place in a home, office, cafe, bar, store, facility, or central location.  Mobile or digital could involve any number of platforms which enable Communication, Image/Video Uploads, and Searchable Video Databases.  Technologies may include Mobile Retinal Scanning, Automated Image Capture, Surveillance, Facial Expression Analysis, etc.

Mixed methodological approaches and information streams which can be used by Wisdom, Insight and Mojo Consultants to inform decisions which drive commercial success include Media, Big Data, Neuroscience, Biometrics, Behavioral Economics, Video Diaries, Searchable Video, and more.  Social/Other Media may include Netnography, Chat Participation, and Mixed Media Analysis.

Global "Solutions"
utilized to acquire insight include Concept Development Labs, Ultimate Customer Experience Mapping, Emotional/Motivational Understanding, Customer Service Call Monitoring, Sales Simulations, Path to Purchase Mapping, Follow-up Depth Interviews, an integrated multi-step Custom Innovation and Co-Creation Process, and more.

Workshops conducted globally include Ideation, Implementation, Post Qualitative Synthesis, as well as Business Planning and Disruptive Decision-Making.

Techniques used by our consultants include Projectives, Image Sorts, Digital Association Trees, Laddering, Stream of Consciousness Associations, to name a few.